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Nosaukums angļu valodā Design and analysis of pattern connecting rod used in marine engines.
Struktūrvienība 25600 Mehānikas un mašīnbūves institūts
Darba vadītājs Vladislavs Jevstigņejevs
Recenzents Juris Kalinka
Anotācija The primary motive of the thesis is to make the engine oil more efficient by decreasing the heat obtained in the connecting rod using a novel designing. A huge increase in the temperature of the engine is controlled using the supply of engine oil. We are introducing a novel strategy in the connecting rod surface between the large and small end through which the heat could be decreased quickly compared to the current system. Designing of the connecting rod was made in Auto desk Inventor, and then exported to ANSYS software for analysis. Thermal and structural analysis of the connecting rod is conducted. The obtained results show the effectiveness of the new design over the conventional connecting rod in the dissipation of heat. This thesis consists of 51 pages. It is made of 38 figures and 4 tables. There are 12 sources in the bibliography.
Atslēgas vārdi Design and Analysis of pattern for connecting rod used in Marine Engine
Atslēgas vārdi angļu valodā Design and Analysis of pattern for connecting rod used in Marine Engine
Valoda eng
Gads 2021
Darba augšupielādes datums un laiks 18.01.2021 12:58:15