Graduate papers
Description of the graduate paper
Form of studies Professional Master
Title of the study programm Technical Translation
Title in original language Terminu darināšanas modeļi un sastatīšanas grūtības telesakaru nozarē
Title in English Term Formation Patterns and Alignment Challenges in the Field of Telecommunications
Author Edvards Gabarajevs
Department 01A00 Institute of Applied Linguistics
Scientific advisor Larisa Iļjinska
Reviewer Mag.philol., docente Tatjana Smirnova
Abstract The present Master Paper has been developed by Edvards Gabarajevs, a 2nd year student of Professional Master Study Programme Technical Translation. The paper consists of three parts the theoretical part, analytical part and the practical part. The theoretical part discusses and analyzes the subject of Word-Formation Patterns and Alignment Challenges in the Field of Telecommunications. The paper discusses various issues concerning basic morphological concepts which are vital in the understanding of word-formation processes; it also provides an analysis of different term formation patterns. The practical part of the paper comprises a translation of a specialized technical text from English into Russian. The primary goal of the author of the paper is to thoroughly research the theory and to produce an acceptable translation applying the knowledge gained. The source text is an extract from a book about Wireless Networks and issues that can arise when dealing with them. The title of the book written by John Ross is The Book of Wireless, A Painless Guide to Wi-Fi and Broadband Wireless. The Master Paper comprises 265 pages and includes introduction, the theoretical part, analytical part, practical part and conclusion. Bibliography includes 40 reference sources and 6 dictionaries.
Keywords Translation studies, Term-formation patterns
Keywords in English Translation studies, Term-formation patterns
Language eng
Year 2014
Date and time of uploading 13.01.2014 17:47:30