Graduate papers
Description of the graduate paper
Form of studies Professional Bachelor
Title of the study programm Technical Translation
Title in original language Tulkošanas pragmatiskie aspekti: tehnisko terminu tulkošana
Title in English Pragmatic Aspects of Translation: Technical Term Translation
Department Institute of Applied Linguistics
Scientific advisor Mag.philol., lekt. Alla Žučenko
Reviewer Mag.philol., lekt. Jūlija Kučerova
Abstract Abstract The author of this Bachelor Paper is a student of Riga Technical University Jevgenijs Grasevics, whereas the title of this bachelor paper is: Pragmatic Aspects of Translation: Technical Term Translation. For the practical part of this bachelor paper Mr Grasevics has chosen to translate the book Codes of Finance: Engineering of Derivatives in a Global Bank, written by Vincent Antonin Lepinay. The author of this bachelor paper researches the pragmatic aspects of technical terminology translation and the problems inherent to this issue. The author considers this problem to be one of the main trends in the modern linguistics and translation theory. The author concludes proving the righteousness of his stated hypothesis. The bachelor paper consists of 103 pages; in addition, there are two appendices (Glossary of Terms and The Source Text), and the bibliography lists 41 records.
Keywords Pragmatika, Tulkošana
Keywords in English Pragmatic Aspects of Translation: Technical Term Translation
Language eng
Year 2012
Date and time of uploading 14.01.2012 00:00:05