Graduate papers
Description of the graduate paper
Form of studies Bachelor
Title of the study programm Electronics and Mobile Communication
Title in original language Frekvenču spectra plānošana 4G un 5G mobilo sakaru tīklos
Title in English Frequency Spectrum Planning in 4G and 5G Mobile Communications Networks
Department Institute of Microwave Engineering and Electronics
Scientific advisor Andis Supe
Reviewer Artūrs Āboltiņš
Abstract Abstract Technology is progressing year after year in a high speed and the demand of users increase accordingly. High data rate, and broadband systems in the field of mobile communications is becoming more as urgent requirement for consumers. This high data rate and higher speed will require more spectrum to be available for these services. 5G comes useful in that aspect as it is supports higher data rates than the current rates supported by 4G. To achieve higher data rates then more bandwidth is in demand. For planning such an update technology makers also think about economic value with respect to the technological essence of this update. The optimal network planning will ensure this outcome to be achieved. However, the integration of engineering and cost features of the planning is not easy to tackle together. Hence, research is looking at each aspect independently. Looking for planning in the best way possible, then a proof of concept has to be proposed. The proof of concept of the planning could be a simulator showing the system performance for 5G modelling with cost in ultra-dense networks. While also assessing the 4G and 5G band coexistence. We will go over how simulators can be used to generate graphs that represents different scenarios. We will also demonstrate the usage of 5G simulator to detect the cost and planning viability in networks discussing the cost reduction effects extracted from graphs. Moreover, testing multi-operator radio access network and check correlation between them. “This thesis contains 43 pages, 29 figures and 45 references.”
Keywords 4G,5G,Frequency,Spectrum,Planning,Networks,Communications,Infrastructure,Sharing
Keywords in English 4G,5G,Frequency,Spectrum,Planning,Networks,Communications,Infrastructure,Sharing
Language eng
Year 2020
Date and time of uploading 10.07.2020 13:14:13