Graduate papers
Description of the graduate paper
Form of studies Professional Master
Title of the study programm Business Administration
Title in original language Izstrāde biznesa stratēģiju uzņēmumam "Graphene Power" Latvijā
Title in English Development of Business Strategy for the Company “Graphene Power” in Latvia
Department 01B00 Riga Business School
Scientific advisor I.Jākobsone
Reviewer A.Dzedons
Abstract The title of the thesis is “DEVELOPMENT OF BUSINESS STRATEGY FOR THE COMPANY GRAPHENE POWER IN LATVIA”. The main issues discussed in the thesis about the competition from the main key players in Latvia. In addition, the EU countries are highly concentrated to reduce the Volatile Organic Compound materials in the paints due to the increase in carbon footprints. The conventional paints such as water- and oil-based paints are the main two decorative paints widely produced. Both these paints have high VOC contents. There are four pictorial diagrams represented for the information shared in the thesis and one table to describe the SWOT analysis. It is started with a brief company profile to provide the information about Graphene Power. The thesis is described the internal and external environmental analysis. In the external environmental analysis, it is subdivided into two categories. In internal environmental analysis, it is also subdivided into several division as well. It is described the SWOT analysis about the strength and weakness of the company. The thesis is further continued with strategies on corporate and business level strategies. The alternative solutions are developed after problem definition and there are three alternative solutions and they are direct selling, internet selling and retail store outlets. It is recommended to develop the business with retail store business which will be better for Graphene Power.
Keywords Stratēģija, Grafēna krāsas, mazumtirdzniecības veikali
Keywords in English Strategy, Graphene Paints, Retail Stores
Language eng
Year 2018
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