Graduate papers
Description of the graduate paper
Form of studies Bachelor
Title of the study programm Computerised Control of Electrical Technologies
Title in original language Eksoskeleta ekstremitātes vadības sistēmas izstrāde.
Title in English Design of control system for exoskeleton's limb.
Department Institute of Industrial Electronics and Electrical Engineering
Scientific advisor Mihails Gorobecs
Reviewer Andrejs Potapovs
Abstract Human’s skill to perform physical motion is restricted, not by the mind, but by the physical power. Humans are not the fastest, deftest, strongest creatures on Earth. Also, the greater part of human beings limited in the measure of weight that they can carry or lift. These weaknesses can be harmful to a certain extent. For this case, an exoskeleton device has been developed. The primary use of active exoskeleton robot is to give outer energy to a soldier with the goal that he can lift an extra weight than his strength. Later this innovation is ventured into different applications, for example, limb restoration. The goal of this document is to provide a literature on the design and modelling, and the aspects to control robotic exoskeletons. Moreover, to provide safe interaction between operator and exoskeleton due to the direct interaction of the device with a human body.
Keywords exoskeleton, control, arduino, robotics, servomotor, EMG, FSR, arm, upper-limb
Keywords in English exoskeleton, control, arduino, robotics, servomotor, EMG, FSR, arm, upper-limb
Language eng
Year 2017
Date and time of uploading 01.06.2017 03:10:05