Graduate papers
Description of the graduate paper
Form of studies Bachelor
Title of the study programm Computerised Control of Electrical Technologies
Title in original language Robotu kustības trajektorijas vadība ar izplūdušās loģikas palīdzību
Title in English Fuzzy logic control of trajectory system in robotics
Department Institute of Industrial Electronics and Electrical Engineering
Scientific advisor Donato Repole
Reviewer Elīna Auziņa
Abstract The bachelor thesis includes 3 chapters: analytical, theoretical, practical parts and appendix A. In this work was chosen the problem of the achievement of a predetermined point by the mobile robot. In progress of this work was revealed problems such as obstacles, orientation in a space and movement of robot in given trajectory. For obstacles detection was chosen 2 sensors: one for long distance in the middle of the robot and two short distance sensors in a both sides to provide best quality of recognition of obstacles. For orientation was selected electric compass, which more suitable than GPS navigator for indoor applications. Trajectory problem was also solved by electric compass and by dint of mathematical equation which help calculate trajectory and angle of motion of the mobile robot. In the third chapter presents laboratory works and calculations where shown the work of separate parts of the system.
Keywords Fuzzy Logic control in trajectory of Robotics
Keywords in English Fuzzy Logic control in trajectory of Robotics
Language eng
Year 2016
Date and time of uploading 30.05.2016 17:12:17