Graduate papers
Description of the graduate paper
Form of studies Bachelor
Title of the study programm Computer Systems
Title in original language Koda ģenerēšanas iespēju izpēte PHP programmēšanas valodai
Title in English Research On Code Generation Abilities For PHP Programming Language
Department Foreign Students Department
Scientific advisor Oksana Ņikiforova
Reviewer Natālija Prokofjeva
Abstract The Bachelor thesis examines abilities of code implementation for PHP programming languages. The thesis contains structured information regarding the components, architecture and benefits, of theoretical research of domain field, as well as it pay attention on practical usage on developed example. The bachelor thesis describes research in code generation abilities for PHP programming language. Based on theoretical research of the field, was carried a practical example was developed by the author of the thesis. The domain field was researching by using UML modelling language and tools to create/generate source code for PHP (MVC) framework. Taking into account results of the research and practical example, the bachelor thesis offers applicable way for implementing of code generation abilities for php programming language and web-based applications. Bachelor thesis contains 50 pages, 35 figures, 0 tables, 0 appendixes. Bibliography includes 6 sources.
Keywords php,code_generation,abilities, research
Keywords in English php,code_generation,abilities, research
Language eng
Year 2015
Date and time of uploading 26.05.2015 20:34:12