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Nosaukums Konteinerizācijas risinājumu salīdzinājums Windows lietotājiem
Nosaukums angļu valodā Comparison of containerization solutions for Windows
Struktūrvienība 12300 Lietišķo datorsistēmu institūts
Darba vadītājs Ilze Birzniece
Recenzents Igors Mihailovs
Anotācija This research paper serves as a comprehensive exploration of Docker's viability as a containerization solution for the Windows platform, specifically designed to guide novice users in the field of software development and containerization. While Docker was initially architected for Linux environments, its expansion into the Windows realm has ignited significant interest. This study seeks to elucidate Docker's operational efficacy on Windows, particularly emphasizing the facilitative role of Docker Desktop in enhancing user experience. Containerization has emerged as a cornerstone of efficient and scalable software development, with Docker being a leading player in the space. However, its native inclination towards Linux has often cast a shadow over its potential on other operating systems. This research is a stride towards shedding light on Docker's capabilities on Windows, seeking to dispel any preconceived notions, and positioning Docker on Windows as a valuable tool for beginners. The study offers a comparative performance analysis between Docker on Linux and Docker on Windows, but the emphasis is more on real-world usage, accessibility, and user experience. Docker Desktop's significant role in facilitating a user-friendly environment is scrutinized, and practical examples are provided to assist beginners in understanding and implementing Docker-based solutions on Windows. A noteworthy portion of this research is dedicated to demonstrating practical Docker usage scenarios on Windows. These demonstrations, grounded in real-life scenarios, significantly contribute to making this study an accessible guide for beginners. It stands as a valuable resource for educational institutions fostering budding software developers and individuals venturing into the domain of containerization. In conclusion, this research forms a foundational platform for future studies, emphasizing Docker's versatility across different operating systems, with a spotlight on Docker on Windows and Docker Desktop. It contributes insightful findings beneficial for educators, fledgling developers, and anyone initiating their journey into containerization.
Atslēgas vārdi Docker, Docker Desktop, konteinerizācijas risinājums uz Windows, Docker Linux.
Atslēgas vārdi angļu valodā Docker, Docker Desktop, Containerization solution on Windows, Docker Linux
Valoda eng
Gads 2023
Darba augšupielādes datums un laiks 30.05.2023 15:55:03