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Nosaukums Komerciālo spēļu izmantošana izglītībā: Assassin's Creed - Origins analīze.
Nosaukums angļu valodā Use of Commercial off-the-Shelf Games for Education: An analysis of Assassin’s Creed - Origins.
Struktūrvienība 23000 E-studiju tehnoloģiju un humanitāro zinātņu fakultāte
Darba vadītājs Agris Ņikitenko
Recenzents, Sintija Petroviča
Anotācija The goal of this paper is to discuss are Commercial off-the-Shelf games (COTS games) good learning materials for education or learning. In this paper, the author describes the situation that COTS games have nowadays, then takes some reference of the study of COTS games used in education, decides to determine are COTS games good for learning from the perspective of the game itself. The author used Assassin's Creed: Origins (ACO) as a target object to conduct the analysis. Combining an own summary of the 10 elements which make the games attractive, and from the perspective how five learning theories, the author provides a theoretical analysis of ACO's content. Finally, conduct an online anonymous questionnaire containing a quiz section to provide an empirical data to support to identify whether ACO is good learning material. 200 responses are collected, and 185 valid samples are analyzed. Through the analysis, the author finds that ACO is a good example of COTS game to help with history and mythology learning. However, the teaching ability of the game is limited by the content that performed by the game, for some knowledge that is not clearly explained or displayed in the game, from the survey's quiz result, it shows the participants have relatively poor learning outcomes than the knowledge which are clearly showed or explained in the game. So, for a better learning, teachers or instructors are suggested.
Atslēgas vārdi Uz spēlēm balstīta mācīšanās, COTS spēles, ACO, Iegremdēšana, Atrakcija, Piecas mācīšanās teorijas
Atslēgas vārdi angļu valodā Game-Based Learning (GBL), COTS games, ACO, Immersion, Attraction, Five Learning Theories.
Valoda eng
Gads 2022
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