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Nosaukums LED apgaismojuma konstrukcijas projektēšana un analīze.
Nosaukums angļu valodā Design and analysis of LED lightning construction.
Struktūrvienība 25600 Mehānikas un mašīnbūves institūts
Darba vadītājs Ivo Vaicis
Recenzents Marina Čerpinska
Anotācija Heavy construction machinery like excavators, haulers, loaders, bulldozers, harvesters, mining machinery, etc. needs to be equipped with artificial light sources to make the work efficient and productive. Most of today's work lights are often based on older technologies like halogen and xenon gas lamps. These traditional lamps draw a lot of currents, produce a large amount of heat, and break easily compared to LED lights. Replacement of the lamp’s costs money in terms of parts, working time, and downtime. LED technology offers enormous benefits for construction field applications. The long-life, durability, and high efficiency of LED lights provide significant savings in service costs and power consumption. There is a big variety of LED work lights on the market nowadays; however, most of them are awkwardly bulky, low in quality, and heavy. Other issues are cold light color temperatures, insufficient light, insufficient beam angle choices, bad water, and dust protection. The proposed thesis topic aims to be written for 30 Watts LEDs. The project optimizing the cooling system of a LED work light was started when the development of the first version of regulating electronics of the light was nearing completion. It was already known that the LEDs need cooling, but the extent of the cooling requirements was unknown. If an LED work light is supposed to last long, its cooling, among other things, needs to function properly in all possible conditions.
Atslēgas vārdi LED,car headlight , Thermal Analysis,Flow simulation,optimization
Atslēgas vārdi angļu valodā LED , Thermal Analysis,Flow simulation,optimization
Valoda eng
Gads 2021
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