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Nosaukums Zaļie jumti un konstruktīvie risinājumi. Četru stāvu dzīvojamā viesnīca
Nosaukums angļu valodā Green roofs construction solutions. Four Story residential hotel
Struktūrvienība 31000 Būvniecības un mašīnzinību fakultāte
Darba vadītājs Aleksandrs Korjakins
Recenzents Profesors Dmitrijs Serdjuks
Anotācija ANNOTATION The bachelor thesis including bachelor project is have been written in English language. The volume of bachelor thesis including the engineering project is 185 pages. Which contain bachelor research part, engineering project and bibliography. The bibliography consists of 43 sources. Bachelor thesis including engineering project have 27 figure, 17 tables ,one A0 and 11 A1 drawings. The aim of this bachelor research part is considering the green roofs impacts on the environment and its impacts in saving the electricity used for heating and cooling in the Latvian climate (Iecava Country)10 The bachelor thesis is consisting of 9 chapters includes goals of research, energy consumption in buildings, energy efficient buildings, green roof, thermal behavior of green roofs, making of green roof, green roofs options weight consideration, maintenance of the green roofs The engineering project consist of 13 chapters. The author of the bachelor thesis has made design of four story reinforced concrete structure. Which will be built as residential hotel in Riga, Latvia. The engineering project have the following chapters: General characteristic of facility. Situation, construction and finishing materials, principal characteristic and solution of construction engineering, technical economic option comparison, control calculations of individual structural elements, dimension checks, footing, the construction processes organization, managing the construction processes and explaining the needed work, transportation of waste and organization of its collection, cost estimation of earth work, cost estimation of the project, labor protection and safety, environment protection In this engineering project were designed spread footing for foundation, columns, beams and monolithic concrete slab. The development of the engineering project is finalized under the guidance of the supervisor of the project. So, according to the task for graduation paper the four-story residential hotel building on Gulbju iela, in Riga, Latvia. The idea of designing this residential hotel is to provide a luxury accommodations for riga visitors and inhabitants which will give the residents high comfort and reasons to enjoy their stay in Riga, especially considering the great location of the hotel near the Daugava River and away from traffic in center. The following types of software were used during bachelor thesis research part and bachelor engineering project: - Microsoft Word - Microsoft Excel - AutoCAD - FIN EC 2020 (Demo version) - GEO 5 2020 (Demo version)
Atslēgas vārdi greenroof , weather , heating , seasons , rockwool , wetlands , engineered soil
Atslēgas vārdi angļu valodā greenroof , weather , heating , seasons , rockwool , wetlands , engineered soil
Valoda eng
Gads 2021
Darba augšupielādes datums un laiks 26.05.2021 13:05:00