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Nosaukums angļu valodā Analysis of Conceptual Model of Shortening the Supply Chain of Pomegranate
Struktūrvienība 01R00 Starptautiskās sadarbības un ārzemju studentu departaments
Darba vadītājs Egils Ginters
Recenzents Docents Jūlija Petuhova
Anotācija India being one the leading producers of Pomegranate in the world, the market is huge for this fruit due to the nutritional benefits. The demand for Pomegranate is abundant all over the world, and when there is demand there is a supply and then there is a supply chain. In this system of Pomegranate SC, there are unwanted entities which make the SC lengthy and inefficient. The goal is to shorten this Supply chain. For any system with a goal, TOC (Theory of Constraints) oblige the application of 5Fs (Five Focus Steps) for the management of constraint and to enable the process of continuous improvement. In supply chain system “Market demand” or “consumers wish to buy in the distribution” is identified as the system constraint and it is planned to exploit the constraint by having the right stock in the right place at the right time. Real-time controlled experimentation in some systems can be too complex, expensive and even impossible. Supply chain is one such mechanism where, when considering time, cost, and risk factors, the room for experimenting with new ideas or changing existing ones in real time environment is considerably less. For example, the use of modeling and simulation to analyze supply chains is widely recognized by both business organizations and academic researchers. GoldSim Pro is one of the very few simulators that could model processes that are both continuous and discrete. This is thus known as a hybrid simulator that has the ability to superimpose on the continuously changing system the discrete events. Knowing trends and predictability of perishable supply chains this is a challenge, especially in the light of the unorganized and dynamic nature of Agriculture. Because there are many intermediaries in the chain, and most of them Farmers are low and insignificant, the channel’s analysis of the exact problems was a researcher challenge. This research on "The supply chain management of Pomegranate were produced in Maharashtra based on three various key players-farmers, brokers and buyers.”
Atslēgas vārdi Perishable Goods, Inventory Management, Simulation
Atslēgas vārdi angļu valodā Perishable Goods, Inventory Management, Simulation
Valoda eng
Gads 2020
Darba augšupielādes datums un laiks 02.09.2020 16:00:07