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Nosaukums Liellaiduma Tērauda Karkasa Racionālo Parametru Analīze
Nosaukums angļu valodā Analysis of Rational Parameters of Long-span Steel Framework
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Anotācija The Convention & Exhibition Industry has grown with economic expansion and urban development. The convention Centre & Exhibition hall set a new bar for high-performance space frame building with lighting fixtures to provide the variety of lighting levels. Exhibition Hall uses both direct and indirect natural light to create an elegant circulation corridor providing an iconic, unconventional, and accessible space to the visitors. Moreover, the wider use of some unique software enables space frame structures to be analyzed more accurately & increases the confidence of using space frame technology in convention centers and exhibition hall for larger span structures In this thesis, a study is made on the economic structural scheme for the Convention center. For the same, the consumption of structural steel is taken as the governing criteria to assess the economy. The geometry of the long span structure frame considered is having a 60m span and 80m length. Out of the several structural scheme variants which usually used for the long span frame structures, two distinct schemes have opted for the study. They are truss option and cable-stay variant. Two variants were considered for each of the above-mentioned categories and analyzed using Stadd Pro software, under the same loading conditions as per the Euro-code recommendations. From the initial experiment analysis mentioned above Cable, truss variant-1 is found as the most economic structural scheme which meets the code recommendations. The next step was to establish the relationship between parameters such as Bay spacing, Top Chamber, bottom Chamber and space between suspenders with material consumption. Four variants were considered under each of the parameters and all possible combinations (34 = 81 Combinations) of all these parameters were studied. The material consumption and serviceability criteria’s such as horizontal and vertical deflection corresponds to all these experimental combinations that were analyzed in detail. The Optimization procedure was done on these experiments using theoretical optimization techniques. EDAOpt software is used for the DOE and to find out the coefficient of regression equations. From the analysis, the best structural scheme which satisfies all code recommendations (ULS &SLS) for the selected geometry of the long span was found out with specific parameters. (Bay spacing, Top Chamber, bottom Chamber and space between suspenders)
Atslēgas vārdi long-span frame work, steel, cable- structures, optimization
Atslēgas vārdi angļu valodā long-span frame work, steel, cable- structures, optimization
Valoda eng
Gads 2020
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