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Nosaukums angļu valodā Analysis of Decision Making Process of Different Customer Segments of AirBaltic
Struktūrvienība 01B00 Rīgas Biznesa skola
Darba vadītājs Jānis Grēviņš
Recenzents M.S.Asdaghi
Anotācija The competition in airline industry has been growing significantly for the last years and the market is extremely saturated reaching the phase of maturity in industry growth cycle (“Airlines in a Mature Market | See How They Compete,” 2017). The profit margins have become extremely small; therefore, companies have to be able to cut the costs, improve the efficiency of technologies used and at the same time understand the needs of different customer segments as good as never before (“Airlines in a Mature Market | See How They Compete,” 2017). The author of this research delves in to specifics of customer behavior and purchasing decision making process by researching different scientific articles, books and applying theory to responses of 152 potential or existing AirBaltic customers. In cooperation with airline company AirBaltic this thesis aims to answer the following research questions: • What kind of products and service are existing and potential AirBaltic customers looking for? • What are the key drivers for decision making? • What are the main information search channels? Evaluation of the data lead to a conclusion that the leisure customer segment is highly price sensitive and willing to sacrifice comfort due to the reason of frequent travelling in groups and preferring to use the budget for accommodation and other activities; however, business customers are not as price sensitive, and value more comfort and additional services. If existing information from previous experiences is insufficient to make the decision then factors such as friends, family, colleague, information and advertisement in travelling catalogues, online reviews have influence of the choice of an airline company. The data allows to conclude that customers search for information and make evaluation of alternative on intermediary websites; however, to make the final purchase the customer visits the chosen company’s website. This is vital for airline companies to consider what exactly to advertise and what information to place on their websites as most of the times during the customers’ visit, the purchase decision is already made. To conclude, the three research questions were successfully answered; however, if needed, the data and theoretical background of the study is sufficient enough for AirBaltic and other airline companies to gain understanding of different than discussed aspects of consumer decision making.
Atslēgas vārdi pirkšanas paradumi, mērķauditorijas segmenti,
Atslēgas vārdi angļu valodā customer decision making, behavior, different segments
Valoda eng
Gads 2019
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