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Nosaukums Ekspluatācijas mērījumu novērtējums daudzmodu optisko šķiedru līnijās.
Nosaukums angļu valodā Maintenence measurement's in multimode optical fiber transmission.
Autors Kehinde Kolawole Akintaju
Struktūrvienība 02A00 Ārzemju studentu departaments
Darba vadītājs Jurģis Poriņš
Recenzents Rolands Parts
Anotācija Present time communication data rates in local networks range from 10/100 Mbps for Ethernet to 1 Gbps in fiber distributed data interfaces (FDDI) or Gigabit Ethernet networks. The increasing demand for Internet Protocol (IP)-based services such as voice, video, and data commands higher speed and larger bandwidth and pushes 10 Gigabit Ethernet in enterprise networks. In that specific situation, the optical loss budget of multi-mode link requires exact estimation and repeatability, particularly when it tends to achieve a limit that guarantees the required data transfer capacity. Measurements of loss and bandwidth in multimode fibers profoundly rely on the dispatch states of the light source utilized for the measurement. Measurements of loss and bandwidth in multimode fibers highly depend upon the launch conditions of the light source used for the measurement. New standards give some guidance to test equipment manufacturers to make the optical loss budget measurement repeatable, regardless of the test equipment used. In this thesis, the following areas were clearly researched and presented; 1) Optical Fiber Communication System Concept, 2) Nonlinearities in Optical Fibers, 3) Optical Fiber Measurement, 4) Optical System Performance Estimation and Measurements, 5) Fiber Optic Testing in Multimode 6) Encircled Flux, 7) Insertion Loss Testing and Analysis. Chapter 1 – 4 contains literature regarding Optical fiber communication line and measurement in a optical fiber line, chaper 5-6 is the description of the experiment work performed in the laboratory and also contains some other alternative or consideration as well in performing the test, chapter 7 is experimental work that was carried out at the Fiber Optics Laboratory of Riga technical university using a mandrel for mode filtering of a multimode optical fiber line. Overall, a numerical results was presented showing the measurement in power of mode filtering performed using the mandrel whenever a twist is made.
Atslēgas vārdi Maintenance Measurement’s in Multimode Optical Fiber Transmission Lines
Atslēgas vārdi angļu valodā Maintenance Measurement’s in Multimode Optical Fiber Transmission Lines
Valoda eng
Gads 2017
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