Graduate papers
Description of the graduate paper
Form of studies Professional Master
Title of the study programm Technical Translation
Title in original language Termina nozīme tehnisko tekstu kontekstā
Title in English Meaning of a Term in the Context of a Technical Text
Department Foreign Students Department
Scientific advisor Profesore Larisa Iļjinska
Abstract The author of the given Thesis finds this theme topical for the discussion in view of its relevance to the Translation Studies. The subject presented in this Thesis concerns the analysis of the relations between meaning of a term and context of its application, i.e. a technical text. While analyzing these relations two approaches to study the meaning of terms have been applied semantic and pragmatic. In the given Thesis the author has identified the close correlation of the Theoretical and Practical Parts by presenting examples taken from the Practical Part to illustrate the theoretical findings. The Master Thesis consists of an abstract, introduction, the theoretical and practical parts, conclusion, bibliography and appendices which contain the glossary of terms and the source text in English. The bibliography comprises 24 books, 6 online sources, 3 printed dictionaries and 2 online dictionaries.
Keywords Nozīme valodā, semantiskie un pragmatiskie aspekti, konteksts
Keywords in English Meaning in language, semantic and pragmatic aspects, context,
Language eng
Year 2014
Date and time of uploading 13.01.2014 11:24:59