Graduate papers
Description of the graduate paper
Form of studies Professional Master
Title of the study programm Technical Translation
Title in original language Neatrodamu vārdu tulkošanas metodes (neoloģismi, idiomas un vārdu kopas) telesakaru nozarē
Title in English Approaches to Translation of Un-Findable Words (e.g. Neologisms, Idioms and Collocations) in the Field of Telecommunications
Author Margarita Kerre
Department 01A00 Institute of Applied Linguistics
Scientific advisor Tatjana Smirnova
Reviewer Dr.philol., docenta p.i. Tatjana Hramova
Abstract The author of this Master Paper is Margarita Kerre, a second year student of Professional Master Study Program “Technical Translation”. The title of this work is Approaches to Translation of Un-findable Words (e.g. Neologisms, Idioms and Collocations) in the Field of Telecommunications’. The part of the text translated in the practical part of the present work is taken from the book Cloud Computing Strategies, written by Dimitris N. Chorafas. The translated part is Section I: Cloud Technology and Its User Community. The author of the book explains a relatively new notion of cloud computing, identifying its advantages and disadvantages, as well as gives advice for user organizations, which are or could become the clients of cloud service providers. Moreover, he describes the structure of the cloud and shows how it works. The problem under consideration is search for appropriate equivalents for individual terms, collocations, idioms or fixed expressions in translation. The source text poses many challenges in translation, especially the challenges associated with translation of specific terminology and abbreviations. It is a case when a translator cannot find an appropriate equivalent for an abbreviation, term or collocation, because languages expand and new abbreviations, terms, ideas and notions appear. However, all problems could be solved successfully, because a translator always can use theoretical knowledge, auxiliary materials, glossaries, vocabularies and even his/her own experience to produce an appropriate translation. The work comprises 125 pages and consists of the introduction, theoretical part, analytical part, practical part, conclusion and bibliography. Bibliography includes 31 theoretical sources, 12 dictionaries and encyclopaedias, and 9 Internet sources. The work also includes 4 appendices, which include 3 glossaries and the source text.
Keywords Un-findable words, equivalence
Keywords in English Un-findable words, equivalence
Language eng
Year 2014
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