Graduate papers
Description of the graduate paper
Form of studies Bachelor
Title of the study programm Engineering Technology , Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering
Title in original language Skaitliskās hidrodinamikas bioreaktora pētījums
Title in English Computational Fluid Dynamics Studies of a Bioreactor
Department Faculty Of Civil And Mehanical Engineering
Scientific advisor Sabīne Upnere
Reviewer Soroush Saneimoghaddam
Abstract In this bachelor thesis, the aim is to investigate the effect of rotational motion of USP2 mixer blade in a fluid medium, water, by utilizing Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling. The goal of this study will be achieved by realizing the following objectives: 1. Identify the equations required to achieve the goal. 2. Design USP2 in the way that we can use it in situations without any mistakes by using Dassault Systèmes Solidworks. 3. Transferring the final design for Solidwork to ANSYS Fluent to do the required simulations. 4. Perform simulations until convergence is reached (residuals are: at least 10-3 for pressure and 10-4 for other parameters) 5. I will use two different speeds in my case 2.5 rad/s and 5 rad/s. 6. Check the results and see the difference between the two speeds that we used in these simulations for the velocity and pressure. 7. Write a conclusion explaining the results that we get and the different between the two speeds that we used.
Keywords Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) , ANSYS Fluent, USP2.
Keywords in English Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) , ANSYS Fluent, USP2.
Language eng
Year 2024
Date and time of uploading 15.01.2024 21:59:47