Graduate papers
Description of the graduate paper
Form of studies Master
Title of the study programm Industrial Engineering and Management
Title in original language Kvalitātes pārbaudes un audita metodes automobiļu industrijā.
Title in English Methods of Quality Inspection and Audit at Automotive Industry.
Scientific advisor Dmitrijs Solovjovs
Reviewer Kristīne Fedotova
Abstract In this competitive world consumers seeks for the quality products and services at a low cost.In automotive industry Quality inspection is a process through industry by companies to ensure that product quality is maintained or improved, and manufacturing errors are reduced or eliminated. Quality inspection is the process inspection and auditing to maintain the quality and legal guidelines to accomplish the degree of standard. The purpose of the thesis is to analyse how Quality inspection of industry affects the sale of car by do survey by distributed questionnaire. From this survey, study recommends that company should focus on the quality aspects of the car to attract the customers, which will increase the sale.
Keywords Automobiļu rūpniecība, Kvalitātes pārbaude, tirdzniecība, Datu analīze
Keywords in English Automotive industry, Quality Inspection, sale, Data Analysis
Language eng
Year 2022
Date and time of uploading 02.06.2022 23:22:32