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Form of studies Master
Title of the study programm Computerised Control of Electrical Technologies
Title in original language Elektrisko transportlīdzekļu uzlādes staciju integrācija esošajos tīklos, izmantojot uzkrājējus un alternatīvas enerģijas avotus.
Title in English Integration of electric vehicle charging stations into existing power supply networks, applications of storages and alternative energy sources.
Department Institute of Industrial Electronics and Electrical Engineering
Scientific advisor Nadežda Kuņicina
Reviewer Oskars Krievs
Abstract Chargers must be efficient so that electric cars (EVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) can be charged at the right rate as they become more popular. It would also make charging more expensive, because more people would use the traditional power grid. It's because of this that more people are going to use local, renewable sources of energy instead. PV panels, which convert sunlight into electricity, can be added to the traditional power grid. As well wind converter designed to convert the energy of wind movement into mechanical power This could make the traditional grid more efficient. a place to recharge. In this thesis, PV and the grid are used to power EV loads. However, Because of the PV's intermittent nature, which is very dependent on where you live and the weather, it is well-known that it isn't very stable. To make up for the PV's inconsistency, a battery storage system is used. An electric car charging station powered by solar panels and wind that are part of a system that is connected to the grid. Most of the time, hybrid charging stations are supposed to be, efficient, and safe to use. meet the needs of electric vehicles in a variety of situations by giving them more options. This thesis talks about how to be more efficient at the top. PV power generation on site is planned and implemented to meet the needs of the project. Using BSS, electric cars can have a more varied load, which lessens the strain on the grid. This method works. Improves overall performance, reliability, and cost by a lot. Efficiency in converting power in both directions interleaved buck-boost converters are added to BSS to make sure it works. By using BSS, conversion losses can be kept to a minimum. This structure could help to reduce the waves that are already there. Electricity will be better if you improve its quality to get the most out of a PV system while keeping it as environmentally friendly as possible. MPPT and an interleaved boost converter are used when the weather isn't always clear. This way, the output stays the same. PV power will always be available. In the same way, to deal with the changing power needs of car chargers, Converters should be put together in a way that meets the needs of electric cars while also keeping the balance between the levels of power that can be generated.
Keywords Energy Storage System, Battery Energy Storage, Isolated DC Mircogrid, RES systems, Power Converters, Electric Vehicle Charging Systems.
Keywords in English Enerģijas uzglabāšanas sistēma, akumulatoru enerģijas uzglabāšana, izolēts līdzstrāvas mirkotīkls, RES sistēmas, strāvas pārveidotāji, elektrisko transportlīdzekļu uzlādes sistēmas.
Language eng
Year 2022
Date and time of uploading 19.05.2022 12:55:58