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Description of the graduate paper
Form of studies Bachelor
Title of the study programm Electronics and Mobile Communication
Title in original language X-Y datorizētās ciparu vadības sistēmas standartizēšana.
Title in English Standardizing CNC X-Y driving system.
Department Institute of Microwave Engineering and Electronics
Scientific advisor Mihails Pudžs
Reviewer Māris Tērauds
Abstract A CNC machine is often used for a specific task that is dictated by several design considerations. Efficiency, size, and tools are the most common needs. The efficiency of the machine is affected by motors, mechanical vibrations, and guide length, all of which directly influence the machine's size. Machine tools are essential because they determine how many distinct operations (such as cutting, milling, etc.) a machine can do. Drill bits of various varieties are commonly referred to as "tools" in a restricted sense. In this study, a 'tool' refers to a complete instrument designed to do a particular task, such as a drill, laser cutter/engraver, or 3D extruder. A CNC machine's head is a moveable component that contains one or more of these tools. For example, a pressure pump (to move components), a paste dispenser, a heater, and other tools can also be used. Commercially available CNC machines tend to be specific to the application and have a single tool, because it affects the size and complexity of the machine. There are multiple amateur DIY / open-source examples of multi-tool CNC machines, like [1] And [2], but all of them have a disadvantage, which is best described by the following quote from [2]:” Each different controller requires different wiring and peripherals. so a wiring or peripheral BOM for the prototype [can’t be prepared].” Since most CNC machines are for a specific use or a tool, they especially design the control unit to fit the aim of this research is to create a universal CNC machine by designing: •a system of escalators that can be set on different frames with different sizes and that can change tools automatically. •an electronic control system for a CNC machine that can control any tool connected to it by the user and support automatic change of heads (our main concern in this thesis). To do so, we will first need to standardize the X-Y driving system.
Keywords CNC , control , communication protocol , driving system , stepper control , ultra sonic
Keywords in English CNC , control , communication protocol , driving system , stepper control , ultra sonic
Language eng
Year 2021
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