Graduate papers
Description of the graduate paper
Form of studies Bachelor
Title of the study programm Electronics and Mobile Communication
Title in original language Digitāls mijinduktivitātes starp divām spolēm mērītājs.
Title in English Digital Device for Measuring Mutual Inductance Between Two Inductively Coupled Coils.
Department Institute of Microwave Engineering and Electronics
Scientific advisor Deniss Stepins
Reviewer Jānis Semeņako
Abstract There are three chapters in the bachelor thesis, an introduction, conclusions and reference list. In the introduction, topicalities of the thesis as well as originality of the results are described and objectives are given. In the Chapter 1, basic definitions used in magnetism are given and classical mutual inductance measurement techniques are described. Chapter 2 presents design of proposed digital device for measuring mutual inductance between two inductively coupled coils. In the chapter principal schematic diagram of the designed device and principle of operation are also given. The third chapter presents experimental verification of the proposed idea. Finally, general conclusions and reference list are given at the end of the thesis. Language of the thesis is English. The thesis consists of 28 pages, 10 figures, 4 tables, 13 references.
Keywords Mutual inductance, measurements, digital device, voltmeter, accuracy
Keywords in English Mutual inductance, measurements, digital device, voltmeter, accuracy
Language eng
Year 2021
Date and time of uploading 27.08.2021 13:33:16