Graduate papers
Description of the graduate paper
Form of studies Professional Bachelor
Title of the study programm Technical Translation
Title in original language Tekstuālā ekvivalence: kohēzija.
Title in English Textual Equivalence: Cohesion.
Department Institute of Applied Linguistics
Scientific advisor Edvards Gabarajevs
Reviewer Dr.philol., asoc. profesore Tatjana Smirnova
Abstract The present Bachelor Paper “Textual Equivalence: Cohesion” has been written by Regina Grigoreva, the 4th year student of the Professional Bachelor Study Program “Technical Translation” of the Institute of Applied Linguistics. The Bachelor Paper examines the concepts of equivalence, in particular, cohesion and cohesive devices, on the basis of diverse theories, as well as the analysis on the current topic provided by the author of the present research. The Bachelor Paper consists of three main parts: the theoretical part, analytical part and practical part. The Bachelor Paper consists of the introduction, conclusions, bibliography and appendices as well. The theoretical part of the analysis on the topic of “Textual Equivalence: Cohesion” considers the issue of translation adequacy, equivalence, as well as cohesion and cohesive devices. The analytical part of the analysis includes 45 examples from the book with translation into Russian and explanations, among which 42 are examples of equivalence and 3 are examples of non-equivalence. The practical part of the Bachelor Paper comprises the translation from English into Russian of the book called “The Entrepreneur Mind: 100 Essential Beliefs, Characteristics, and Habits of Elite Entrepreneurs” by Kevin D. Johnson. Bibliography includes 29 references: 27 – books and articles, 2 – internet sources. There are 2 appendices: glossary of terms in the field of economics and the source text of the book.
Keywords Textual equivalence: cohesion
Keywords in English Textual equivalence: cohesion
Language eng
Year 2021
Date and time of uploading 10.06.2021 23:53:03