Graduate papers
Description of the graduate paper
Form of studies Professional Bachelor
Title of the study programm Technical Translation
Title in original language Terminoloģijas darināšana būvniecības nozarē.
Title in English Term Formation in the Field of Civil Engineering.
Department Institute of Applied Linguistics
Scientific advisor Antra Roskoša
Reviewer Dr.philol., asoc. profesore Tatjana Smirnova
Abstract Abstract The Bachelor Paper” Term Formation in the Field of Civil Engineering” is written by Nafisa Sobirova, the 4th year student of the Professional Bachelor Study Programme “Technical Translation” of the Institute of Applied Linguistics, Riga Technical University. Topicality of the research lies within the complexity of translation of terminology and with an active and productive character of term-formation process. As there is a lack of resources providing adequate technical term equivalents in the target language, it is vital to research the term-formation process to follow the most recent novelties in this field. The aims of the Bachelor Paper are as follows: 1) The methods of term formation occupy a special place in the field of civil engineering as this area is constantly updated with new terms. Based on this, the goal of the author of the Bachelor Paper is to examine different term-formation methods and identify their significance in technical texts related to the field of civil engineering. 2) Also to apply the theories on term-formation process in order to produce the most adequate translation of the Source Text. The research shows that the most working term formation methods are affixation, composition, clipping and conversion. That is why the translator needs to choose the correct method for qualitative translating in specific field such as civil engineering. The Bachelor Paper consists of the introduction, the theoretical part, the practical part, conclusions, bibliography, and an appendix comprising of a glossary with 160 terms and the source text in English. The source text is “Airports, Cities, and the Jet Age. US Airports since 1945” written by Janet R. Bednarek. The total volume of the Bachelor Paper is 106 pages (the appendixes are not included).
Keywords Keywords: translation, terminology, term-formation process, term-formation methods.
Keywords in English Keywords: translation, terminology, term-formation process, term-formation methods.
Language eng
Year 2021
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