Graduate papers
Description of the graduate paper
Form of studies Master
Title of the study programm Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Title in original language Uz RFID un lielo datu analīzi balstīts ar mākslīgo intelektu darbināms krājumu vadības satvars
Title in English Artificial Intelligence Powered Inventory Management Framework Based on RFID and Big Data Analysis
Department 12100 Institute of Information Technology
Scientific advisor Andrejs Romānovs
Reviewer Oksana Kuzņecova
Abstract Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Inventory Management, RFID, Big Data, Hospital The master thesis performs the Artificial Intelligence-powered Inventory management framework based on RFID and big data analysis to develop and solve one of the problems of inventory management in hospitals. The thesis contains structured information regarding the components, architecture, different analyses, and research about its components like Inventory Management, RFID, and Big Data Analysis. The master thesis creates a comprehensive economic analysis to estimate the benefits of an RFID framework system to solve the problem. An external variable which might be influenced the medications’ demand in the hospitals would be analysed with the respect to collect data which are coming from weather data in London and medium American hospitals. According to the results of the research and mathematical economic analyses and datasets, the master thesis offers an applicable way for the integration of RFID as a real-time technology for inventory management in medium hospitals. The master thesis contains 126 pages, 51 images, 16 tables, 63 reference sources, and 2 appendixes.
Keywords Artificial Intelligence, Inventory Management, RFID, Big Data, Hospital
Keywords in English Artificial Intelligence, Inventory Management, RFID, Big Data, Hospital
Language eng
Year 2021
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