Graduate papers
Description of the graduate paper
Form of studies Master
Title of the study programm Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Title in original language Loģistikas risku novērtējums e-komercijas lietojumos
Title in English Logistics Risk Assessment in E-commerce Applications
Department 12100 Institute of Information Technology
Scientific advisor Egils Ginters
Reviewer Lektauers
Abstract This thesis analyses the logistics risks of ecommerce. As it is visible, the e-commerce business is increasing rapidly, all over the world. Parallelly, risks associated along with it are also increasing. To access the risks, logistics operations were tabulated, and different parameters of logistics operations are analysed. Probability of risks with the impact of risk is analysed. Indicators of supply chain listed to identify the risk in logistic operations with the rate of impacted is evaluated. Risks were identified and the possible solutions for the risks were recommended. Different risk assessments models FTA, ETA, HAZOP, Markov methods were analysed, and the Bayesian network chosen for the assessment of risks. Bayesian network for logistics operations and risks assessment for the affect of supply chain efficiency were evaluated. Risks in e-commerce assessed using FTA to compare with Bayesian network. The advantages of Bayesian network are mentioned with recommendations for the implementation of proposed model for the assessment of logistics risks of ecommerce in supply chain. The master thesis contains 83 pages with the inclusion of 26 images, 8 tables and 57 reference sources.
Keywords E-commerce
Keywords in English E-commerce
Language eng
Year 2021
Date and time of uploading 28.05.2021 15:57:28