Graduate papers
Description of the graduate paper
Form of studies Professional Master
Title of the study programm Medical Engineering and Physics
Title in original language Dzīvnieku izcelsmes sirds vārstuļa audu attīrīšanas no šūnām, izmantojot lāzera starojumu.
Title in English Decellurization of an animal origin heart valve tissue using laser based surface purification method.
Scientific advisor Roman Majore
Reviewer Sorokins Hermanis
Abstract As the gap between donors and patients in need of an organ transplant continues to widen, research in regenerative medicine seeks to provide alternative strategies for treatment. Tissue decellularization creates a natural biomaterial to act as a scaffold for cell growth, differentiation, and tissue development. It is important because one of the greatest limitations to organ transplantation derives from organ rejection caused by antibodies of the transplant recipient reacting to donor antigens on cell surfaces within the donor organ. So, to omit this limitation tissue decellularization is performed. By decellularization of the tissue and repopulating it with a patient’s own cells, the adverse immune response is eliminated. The first stage of the project is the decellularization process of the tissue, which it’s a success, depends on tow major parameters, the cell removal and the conservation of mechanical properties of the tissue. This paper suggests a new method for the decellularization process, which is to use laser irradiation with parameters similar to those used for radiation therapy in order to remove cells from the tissue without damaging the extracellular matrix (ECM).
Keywords Decellularized tissue, Aortic valve, Laser irradiation, and Extracellular matrix.
Keywords in English Decellularized tissue, Aortic valve, Laser irradiation, and Extracellular matrix.
Language eng
Year 2020
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