Graduate papers
Description of the graduate paper
Form of studies Professional Master
Title of the study programm Civil Construction and Real Estate Management
Title in original language Laika, izmaksu, risku un kvalitātes vadība civilā būvniecībā
Title in English Management of time, cost, risk and quality in civil engineering
Department 22000 Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management
Scientific advisor Edgars Pudzis
Reviewer Gita Actiņa
Abstract Construction management is the group of work involved in completing the project with accurate time, affordable cost, proper quality and also with minimum risk. Time, expense, performance, risk, transition, etc are forms of management involved in building. But the most significant management in the Construction Industry is Time, Cost, and Risk and Quality Management because of these primary functions of the construction management process. This Master thesis (Research) is involved in a detailed study of significant management called Time, Cost, Quality and Risk Management of Indian construction. The main role in management is to satisfy the customer’s needs and requirements. The satisfaction of the client in time, cost and quality of their product will be the best they think. Here I have done my research based on this management. So if these managements are proper in the industry this will lead to proper product delivery, eventually enhances the particular industry growth. The first part of this Research will be the Analytical part, Where it includes my analysis of 1. Construction management of India; 2. Time/Cost overruns in Indian Construction; 3. Quality / Cost relationship; 4. Quality of Indian Construction; 5. Indian Construction Risks. Every topic is explained in detail below in my own words. The second part of this Research will be the Theoretical part, consist of Four sub-heading and each has its minimum of three or five divisions, 1. Time Management: a. Impact of time in India, Construction, b. Planning and scheduling of Indian construction c. Estimations of activity durations and time, d. Types of time management techniques. 2. Cost Management: a. Impacts of Cost-Overrun in Indian Construction, b. Cost Estimation, c. Cost Control. 3. Quality Management: a. Notions of Quality, b. Quality control and inspection, c. Quality Assurance, d. Total Quality Management. 4. Risk Management in Indian construction. The third part of this Research will be the Practical part, which includes some practical methods for this research like 1. Project Definition Chart; 2. Methods of Time Management, 3. Methods of Quality Management, 4. Cost Estimation Chart and 5. Problems and solutions faced by the Construction Industries. All the practical works for this research will be done by the author.
Keywords Effective management; Time, Cost, Quality and Risk factors; Indian Civil Construction; Causes of time overruns and cash overflow; Cost Estimation; Quality assurance and control; Management Techniques of time, cost and quality; Risk management in India; and Problems and solutions for Time, Cost, and Quality related problems.
Keywords in English Efektīva pārvaldība; Laika, Izmaksu, Kvalitātes un Riska faktori; Indijas Civilā Celtniecība; Cēloņiem, laika pārtēriņus un naudas pārplūdes; Izmaksu Novērtējums; Kvalitātes nodrošināšana un kontrole; Vadības Metodes, laika, izmaksu un kvalitātes uzlabošana; Riska pārvaldības Indijā; Problēmas un risinājumi Laika, Izmaksu un Kvalitātes problēmas.
Language eng
Year 2019
Date and time of uploading 27.12.2019 17:10:10