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Description of the graduate paper
Form of studies Professional Master
Title of the study programm Nanoengineering
Title in original language Nenoteiktības cēloņu noteikšana stacionārā spiediena mērīšanā, izmantojot zeķbikses vadošus tekstila pārveidotājus.
Title in English The causes of uncertainty in plantar pressure measurement using sock-incorporated conductive textile transducers.
Scientific advisor Aleksejs Kataševs
Reviewer Linards Lapčinskis
Abstract This thesis presents a series of studies to study the interaction between foot loading patterns during different gait movements using sock-incorporated conductive textile transducers to find the causes of uncertainty in plantar pressure measurement. The ability to measure foot plantar pressure and gait characteristics during a prolonged period of daily life activities has many important applications in people with gait disorders. The sensors are constructed from conductive thread and are connected to a data logger with a digital card to allow data recording for prolonged time. Validation of the temporal parameters measured using the sensors incorporated in the socks is compared to a flexi-force sensor. (Tekscan, Inc.) It is explained briefly, that the measurement of the pressure from the smart sock and the Flexi-force sensor (reference sensor) is positively correlated and it is seen that the measurement changes with each usage of the sock and for better results, it needs to be calibrated separately. It is also concluded that each sensor from the smart sock, reacts differently and hence there is no similarities between them and so it needs to be calibrated separately as well. However, the repeatability of the sensor is more or less similar to the previous usage; the efficiency of the measurement is reduced by every usage. These results from the above gait analysis demonstrate the potential for using textile-based sensor sock in future applications providing active gait assistance to people with gait disorders.
Keywords Plantar pressure, smart sock, data analysis, textile sensor, Flexi-force sensor, gait disorder
Keywords in English Plantar pressure, smart sock, data analysis, textile sensor, Flexi-force sensor, gait disorder
Language eng
Year 2019
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