Graduate papers
Description of the graduate paper
Form of studies Master
Title of the study programm Business Informatics
Title in original language IT modelis izdevīgu risinājumu izvēlei pārtikas tirgotājiem internetā.
Title in English IT Model for Guiding e-Grocers to adopt profitability solutions.
Department 12300 Institute of Applied Computer Systems
Scientific advisor Mārīte Kirikova
Reviewer Ingars Eriņš
Abstract This Master Thesis is made within the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership “Improving Employability through Internationalisation and Collaboration” (EPIC), with the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union (EU), in collaboration with SSI Schaefer. Based on the objective and information obtained through the Erasmus project, this master thesis investigates the reasons e-grocers are losing while they carry out e-grocery service despite the existing automated solutions accessible to e-grocers. The master thesis describes the phases of activities performed by e-grocers in an As-Is state and models this using Business Process Modelling Notation, Flowcharts, and Unified Modelling Language to show areas which possibly cause loss to e-grocers, flow of information and activities between e-grocery sub processes, and improvement necessary for these sub processes. Relevant e-grocery performance indicators are identified in this thesis and used as derivatives to model an information technology solution in form of displayable information which might be provided by a Business Intelligence tool to support and guide e-grocers in taking decisions which could help them to decide on some particular options in the e-grocery activities. Scientific materials, alongside information from SSI Schaefer’s Director of Business Development for Food Retail; Jakob Bear and e-grocery expert Jan Frick (University of Stavanger, Norway) were used as source of data and information in this master thesis. The master thesis contains 89 pages, 30 images, 3 tables, 59 reference sources, and 4 appendixes.
Keywords E-grocery, Distribution Centre, Business Intelligence Tool.
Keywords in English E-grocery, Distribution Centre, Business Intelligence Tool.
Language eng
Year 2018
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