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Description of the graduate paper
Form of studies Professional Master
Title of the study programm Medical Engineering and Physics
Title in original language Iespējama metalizēto getru ietekmē uz cilvēka asins cirkulāciju.
Title in English The possible influence of metallised gaiters on human blood circulation.
Scientific advisor Jurijs Dehtjars
Reviewer Jānis Vandans
Abstract Limb blood flow is widely used as an indicator of the human vascular properties. In this research, metalized gaiters used in the experiment is a silver lining sock which is conductive in nature. We also use non-conductive sock. These socks are used in different combinations and later compared. We also record in in condition of rest and physical movement. Femur and ankle are the two-region measured with the help of the electrodes. Previously no attempts have been made to explore the parameters of microcirculation and microvasculature when blood vessels have been exposed to metallizes gaiters. In the condition of impaired cardiac function and circulatory system or when a person is incapable of physical movements of limbs, there is a need to increase the load on the heart for better blood circulation. Therefore, there is a need for self-stimulation or ultra-stimulation in blood using metalized gaiters. Due to self-inducting change in electrical potential and its magnetic component in human blood and metalized gaiters, it may result in some key changes. These changes in parameters can be studied and the difference can be determined.
Keywords metalitized gaiters, self induction,ultra induction
Keywords in English metalitized gaiters, self induction,ultra induction
Language eng
Year 2018
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