Graduate papers
Description of the graduate paper
Form of studies Bachelor
Title of the study programm Entrepreneurship and Management
Title in original language Uzņēmuma maksātnespējas prognozēšanas metodes Šrilankā
Title in English Forecasting Methods of Company`s Solvency: Case of Sri Lanka
Department 22000 Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management
Scientific advisor Irina Voronova
Reviewer Jana Eriņa
Abstract The research has identified that the Altman Z- Score models are suitable for predict the firm financial failure and it has much predictability in long run. The 1993 Z''1 Altman Z- Score model has shown 100% accuracy to identifying the distress firms and non- distress firm in the research study and both 1993 Z''1 and 1983 Z' models has shown 60% similar result while applying to the delisted companies. Furthermore, the Altman 1993 Z''1 has shown much better predictability than the Altman 1983 Z' model and both models were successful for predict the firm failure in 3 years prior. The Z-Score indicate in the distress zone area are most likely to be bankrupt in the future and the research has shown that not every insolvent company is carried to bankrupt if the firm is strong to recover from such a situation.
Keywords Altman Z- Score models, Solvency, Insolvency, Bankruptcy, Financial failure
Keywords in English Altman Z- Score models, Solvency, Insolvency, Bankruptcy, Financial failure
Language eng
Year 2018
Date and time of uploading 30.05.2018 11:12:55