Graduate papers
Description of the graduate paper
Form of studies Bachelor
Title of the study programm Management in international business
Title in original language Sociālo mediju ietekme korporatīvā tēla veidošanā
Title in English Impact of Social Media Channels in Building Corporate Image
Department 01B00 Riga Business School
Scientific advisor J.Grēviņš, I.Muzikante, J.Turner, K.Agarwal
Reviewer M.Asdaghi
Abstract The unawareness of the importance of having an active and well-managed social media page may result in lack of trust and credibility among public and might lead to worse corporate image for a company, which later could lead to loss of market share to competitors. This research studies the impact a social media page can have on the corporate image, based on the content generated by the company and user engagement in it. Analysis of company social media pages was conducted to understand which are the most active Latvian companies on social media. In addition, a survey was shared among the public to learn their social media usage habits, their opinions toward corporate communication and overall publics opinion about company images and their noticeability on social media. Later, data from both the analysis and survey were analyzed to learn whether there is a relationship between user engagement in company’s social media page and the corporate image of that company. Research identified that it is indeed extremely important for a company to have a social media page and it is even more important for the company to be active and knowledgeable, when managing it. Although there was not a clear correlation between the user engagement and company’s image in the public. There is an indirect connection between the variables, when the company’s noticeability on social media is also taken into the equation. The research suggests that if the company is active on social media by posting quality content and taking advantage of the advertisement tools provided by social media platform, it can increase the company’s noticeability on social media, which can later increase the company’s image in the public.
Keywords Sociālie mediji, korporatīvais tēls, uzņēmuma tēls, media channels,
Keywords in English Social media, corporate image, compnay's image, media channels
Language eng
Year 2018
Date and time of uploading 03.04.2018 14:49:55