Graduate papers
Description of the graduate paper
Form of studies Professional Master
Title of the study programm Architecture
Title in original language Viesnīca Rokaskalenjas cietoksnī Itālijā
Title in English Roccascalegna Fortress Hotel, Italy
Department Institute of Arhitecture and Design
Scientific advisor J. Krastiņš
Reviewer Arhitekte V. Polkovņikova
Abstract Topic of the research is Latvian medieval fortresses and Italian castle - Roccascalegna. Research consists of three parts. First part analyses medieval fortress and castle influence and heritage in modern culture. Main task is to understand the historic evolution and analyse benefits of the medieval castles and what they brought to the society at the time. As well as factors that affect the condition of the castle and important aspects on how to make it a popular tourist destination and increase number of visitors. Second part of the research emphasises on 19th, 20th and 21st century restoration, conservation and preservation movement, considering global practises and methods used around the world. Third part consists of core information on Italian region - Abruzzo. Research discusses and analyses specifics of building construction in uneven surface area with hills, and how weather, climate and environment affects and influences buildings, as well as pollution. Also research discusses current state of castle Roccascalegna and its potential construction improvements. Research covers 136 pages and uses 98 sources of information.
Keywords Pārbūve / piebūve
Keywords in English Reconstruction / Extension
Language lv
Year 2018
Date and time of uploading 08.01.2018 14:03:24