Graduate papers
Description of the graduate paper
Form of studies Master
Title of the study programm Telecommunications
Title in original language Uzņēmuma sadales tīkla izstrāde un realizācija.
Title in English Design and implementation of an enterprise distribution network.
Department 13100 Institute of Telecommunications
Scientific advisor Jurģis Poriņš
Reviewer Andis Supe
Abstract ABSTRACT The Enterprise Network System project focuses on the network equipment and Server via the Wide Area Network. . The project’s aim is to ascertain an efficient dialog among and between users needed to produce enterprise networking solutions. This will enable users to design, develop, engineer and deploy enterprise network solutions that meet their business requirements in an efficient and cost effective manner. . The adoption of the networking standards is crucial for any design team and used as network connecting protocols. The distribution of a network across a vast region is usually implemented as a network connecting other smaller networks to each other. Enterprise network system requires several network configurations, security settings, router installations and server setups. The layout of an enterprise network determines the performance and security for the setup. There are several steps that can be done to ensure that the network architecture , software, and transport facilities required designing, developing, engineering and deploying an enterprise network. The project’s scope encompasses all aspects of communications from and to Communications Server on the Enterprise runs at top performance and user data is secure from unauthorized access. A well-configured network also lowers the frequency of issues and user complaints from lost data and poor connectivity.
Keywords Design and Implementation of Enterprise Network Distribution System
Keywords in English Design and Implementation of Enterprise Network Distribution System
Language eng
Year 2017
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