Graduate papers
Description of the graduate paper
Form of studies Professional Bachelor
Title of the study programm Technical Translation
Title in original language Radošie aspekti tulkošanā
Title in English Creative Aspects of Translation
Department Institute of Applied Linguistics
Scientific advisor Tatjana Smirnova
Reviewer Mag.philol., Lektore Zane Seņko
Abstract Radošie aspekti tulkošana. The Bachelor Paper consists of two parts: Theoretical Part and Practical Part. In the Theoretical Part, the author of the Bachelor Paper focuses on the creative aspects and approaches in translation process of economic texts, explores space for creativity and defines the main constraints in translation of technical texts. The author also discusses creative translation strategies and approaches that could assist and contribute greatly to solving particular translation issues as well as demonstrates and substantiates their use on the basis of the examples from the translated part of the book on economics. The process of translation of the texts from the field of economics is often associated with consideration and analysis of various issues, which include translation of culture specific lexical items, idiomatic expressions and sometimes even political and economic jokes and caricatures. Texts from the field of economics usually contain information from its related fields, such as finance, marketing, customs, politics, history, accounting, banking, credits, management, government, funding, etc. and often can display features of informative, vocative and even expressive texts, so comprehensive knowledge of terminology and understanding of these disciplines and spheres are indispensable for a translator. Many translation issues can be solved by applying creative translation methods and therefore the investigation of this topic allows the translator to improve her overall translation performance as well as to expand her comprehension in relation to translation of specific economic terms, slang and jargon.
Keywords Radošie aspekti tulkošana ekonomika terminologija
Keywords in English creative aspects translation economics terminology stylistic devices creativity
Language eng
Year 2017
Date and time of uploading 11.01.2017 11:51:14