Graduate papers
Description of the graduate paper
Form of studies Master
Title of the study programm Business Finance
Title in original language Finansēšanas avotu pieejamības maziem un vidējiem uzņēmumiem Šrilankā novērtējums
Title in English Assessment of Accessibility of Finance Sources for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Sri Lanka
Department 22000 Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management
Scientific advisor Nataļja Lāce
Reviewer Nadežda Semjonova
Abstract The world economy is today rising at the lowest rate since the beginning of the global financial crisis in 2008 to 2009. Business of all sizes faces momentous policy uncertainties and governing problems that pressure their business events in markets. This demands for globally reliable and evidence based strategies that support the competitiveness of economies and in that way, contribute to extra healthy, sustainable, efficient, and broad growth. Such strategies matter for businesses of all sizes, and in mainly for the countless small and medium sized business that function in our economies. SMEs show an important role in supporting global trade and venture, although at the same time pleasing to their efficiency and advanced potential. Yet, SMEs cannot grab opportunities in world markets without access to the financial services they need to participate, compete, grow, and add value in and across our economies. Access finance is one of the crucial chambers of the global economy that is failing and holding back development. Governments and the private, sector must effort together to support the involvement and financing of SMEs. These discoveries exposed that Sri Lankan financial structure presences high level of, flow of finance to the structure (Durrant al. 2005) even though, businesspersons have financing difficulties and fascinatingly, owner preferences also play a vital role in among approachability and supply of bases of financing in Sri Lanka. Hence, the core objective of this research was to recognize complications confronted by entrepreneurs, when accessing their preferred sources of finance and recognize the financial favorites of Sri Lankan entrepreneurs was the second objective of this study. There for, in order to get a crystal-clear view of finance sources and factors that has an impact on SMEs financial preferences in Sri Lanka I, came up with following research questions: What are the different sources of financing methods used by Sri Lankan SMEs? What are the factors that has an impact on financial preferences of SME owners in Sri Lanka? The Master Thesis consists of introduction, analytical, theoretical, scientific and practical parts, conclusions, list of references and appendices. The Thesis includes nine figures, three tables, and three appendices. The Analytical part includes the analysis of theoretical conclusions of scientific literature conducted prior as well as concepts and definitions. In this part of the research a current state of the SMEs in Sri Lanka is examined and overview of main characteristics of financial instruments which affect SMEs. The purpose of this chapter is to provide a preliminary insight on the researched topic and introduction to the studied Small medium enterprises. The Theoretical part describes main empirical studies conducted on the researched topic. At this stage of the research the author analyzes the main sources of access to finance in the banks and their management techniques respectively. Surely the core goal of all the scientific papers passed on the corresponding topic was to examine how the effective sources of finance decrease the likelihood of failure and increases the possibility of reaching the required financial performance. The Scientific and Practical part provides analyses and interpretations of the raw data gathered in the course of the research project. These analyses and interpretations are related to the specific objectives that guided the researcher throughout the course of the research and the questions as developed in the questionnaire.
Keywords SME,Source of Financing, Entrepreneurship , Access To Finance, SriLanka, Banking Finance, Non Banking Finance,Interest Rate
Keywords in English SME, Source of Financing, Entrepreneurship ,Access To Finance, SriLanka, Banking Finance, Non Banking Finance,Interest Rate
Language eng
Year 2017
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