Graduate papers
Description of the graduate paper
Form of studies Master
Title of the study programm Business Finance
Title in original language Tiešo ārvalstu investīciju un ārvalstu ieguldījumu portfeļa mijiedarbības novērtējums Indijā
Title in English Assessment of Interrelationship between Foreign Direct Investment and Foreign Portfolio Investment in India
Department 22000 Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management
Scientific advisor Konstantins Kozlovskis
Reviewer Nataļja Lāce
Abstract This master thesis describe the importance of the capital inflows to explore and analyse the flow of FDI and FPI in India,to analyze the determinants of the FDI and FPI in India, to interpret the relationship between FDI, FPI and GDP of India,to develop the scheme of the interlinkage between the FDI and FPI in India.To achieve the purpose, the author of Master Thesis has obtained data for quantitative research from reports of ministries of the Government of India, OECD, UNCTAD, World Bank, IMF and Indian Capital Market Regulator (SEBI) publications. Bibliography includes limited access to Springer Link, Taylor & Francis, Elsevier (Business Management & Accounting) available at Riga Technical university were used for literature review. Econometric analysis was as per Gujarati & Sangeetha (2010) and Brooks (2008) and using Eviews.
Keywords FDI, FPI, Determinents, Interrelationship
Keywords in English FDI, FPI, Interrelationship
Language eng
Year 2016
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