Graduate papers
Description of the graduate paper
Form of studies Professional Master
Title of the study programm Civil Construction and Real Estate Management
Title in original language Stratēģiskās attīstības virzieni būvuzņēmumā
Title in English Strategic development directions for a construction company
Department 22000 Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management
Scientific advisor Kristīne Fedotova
Reviewer Āris Ādlers
Abstract Developing an effective strategy is a vital aspect of business management, which is necessary to survive in the market and achieve the corporate mission and vision. In order to succeed a company must have some definite strategic directions. Constructing a detailed business plan will guide the company’s owner to envision the future shape of the company and developing strategic directions will make the company make the best decisions regarding the company’s business. The research conducted for this thesis examines this subject in the case of a construction company located in Nepal. The objective of the thesis project is to develop strategic development directions for the case company Jhapali International Engineering and Builders (JIEB) based on an analysis of the company’s current situation. JIEB is a construction company located in the southeast of Nepal that is specialized in public civil engineering projects such as the construction of roads, bridges, dams, and canals. Developing strategic directions will help the company improve its growth by detailing the activities it should follow respond to challenges. The first part of this thesis is the analytical part which consists of PEST analysis of Nepal, Nepalese construction market and brief description about the case company, JIEB. Furthermore, in this part problem statement of thesis along with structure and purpose of thesis is briefly described. The second part is the theoretical part which contains the theoretical study about the terms and aspects related to thesis research. Strategic management, its stages and benefits; and business market analysis are described with reference to different books and articles. This part also includes information about how a business strategy should be developed for a newly established company. The third or the practical part is based on the data analysis. Data collected from interview and questionnaires are presented and analyzed in this part. In this part, the market position of the case company is presented and with reference to the analysis of the interview and questionnaires; business strategy and proper strategic development directions are developed for the case company. This data is then concluded and recommendations are provided in accordance with the market trend.
Keywords Strategic Management; Strategic Development Directions
Keywords in English Strategic Management; Strategic Development Directions
Language eng
Year 2016
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