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Description of the graduate paper
Form of studies Master
Title of the study programm Business Finance
Title in original language Pensiju sistēmas attīstības nosacījumu un perspektīvu novērtējums Kazahstānā
Title in English Evaluation of Conditions and Perspectives of Pension System Development in Kazakhstan
Department 22000 Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management
Scientific advisor Konstantins Kozlovskis
Reviewer Jūlija Bistrova
Abstract This thesis provides an overview of the pension system in Kazakhstan and describes contingent liabilities and assets in the public and private sectors. Therefore, the research assesses both the recent development of the pension schemes and the current stay of play. As a result, good practices are identified from international experience and sound features commended which are to be implemented in Kazakhstan. Key elements of an adequate and sustainable pension scheme include, for example, a higher labour market participation rate, most notably amongst older workers, a higher retirement age and an appropriate mix of pension pillars. The goal of the work is to provide the theoretical and methodological research of reforming the pension system, elaborating recommendations for improvement of the functioning mechanisms of accumulated pension funds in Kazakhstan.
Keywords Theoretical and methodological research of pension system in Kazakhstan
Keywords in English Theoretical and methodological research of pension system in Kazakhstan
Language eng
Year 2016
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