Graduate papers
Description of the graduate paper
Form of studies Master
Title of the study programm Environmental Science
Title in original language Pektīnu pielietojuma eksperimentālā izpēte attīrīšanai no smagajiem metāliem
Title in English Experimental research of pectin application for heavy metals removal
Department Institute of Environment and Energy Systems
Scientific advisor Sarma Valtere
Reviewer Elīna Dāce
Abstract The work reports the feasibility of pectin xerogel beads removing copper and lead from aqueous solutions. Pectin xerogels were tested in the batch for adsorption and desorption capability. Pectin was gelled in the presence of calcium chloride. Untreated beads were characterized by scanning electron microscope micrographs and FTIR to determine possible adsorption mechanisms. The copper and lead were adsorbed in single metal solutions and in bi-metal solutions. Optimal pH value for copper was 5.0 and 4.0-5.0 for lead. The reached efficiency was 78 % for copper and 98 % for lead in single metal solution and 64 % for copper and 72 % for lead in bi-metal solution. The equilibrium for both copper and lead adsorption was reached after 480 min. Meanwhile, equilibrium for copper desorption took 240 min. and reached 79 % efficiency. Lead was 100 % desorbed after 60 min. Calcium pectinate could be used as biosorbent for treating Cu and Pb from wastewater.
Keywords copper; lead; biosorption; heavy metals
Keywords in English copper; lead; biosorption; heavy metals
Language eng
Year 2016
Date and time of uploading 19.05.2016 12:52:35