Graduate papers
Description of the graduate paper
Form of studies Professional Master
Title of the study programm Business Administration
Title in original language Latvijas koka būvniecības klastera attīstības stratēģija
Title in English Latvian Wood Construction Cluster Development Strategy
Department 01B00 Riga Business School
Scientific advisor I.Jākobsone
Reviewer A.Dzedons
Abstract Master thesis “Latvian wood construction cluster development strategy” analyses the cluster phenomenon and the way it is represented in wood construction sector in Latvia. Clusters and cluster development is an important topic for researchers and economists around the globe as they provide significant benefits to the economies. Wood construction sector is the woodworking sector with one of the highest added values to the prime material – the wood. Authors previous experience has given an opportunity to analyze the clusterisation phenomenon in this field and give educated suggestion for its future development. After describing the theory of cluster phenomenon author has two research questions: • What is the stage of cluster in wood-construction sector in Latvia? • What are the main challenges for wood construction cluster development? Research has presented that the stage of the cluster for wood construction sector is pre-cluster, meaning that all prerequisites for a cluster are present, but no real synergy between them is taking place. Main challenges for the cluster development are – lack of innovation, workforce problems, weak market diversification and weak presence in local market. Research shows that the most efficient solution to increase the synergy between the organizations within the cluster and tackle business challenges is the creation of a state co- funded cluster organization which will directly and pro-actively deal with issues identified in the research.
Keywords klasteri, klasteris, koka būvnieciba, kokrūpniecība
Keywords in English cluster, clusters, wood construction, woodworking
Language eng
Year 2016
Date and time of uploading 05.05.2016 11:55:54