Graduate papers
Description of the graduate paper
Form of studies Professional Bachelor
Title of the study programm Entrepreneurship and Management
Title in original language Mārketinga aktivitāšu attīstības iespējas mazumtirdzniecības uzņēmumā
Title in English Possibilities for Marketing Activities Development in the Retail Company
Author Baiba Buša
Department 22100 Institute of Production and Entrepreneurship
Scientific advisor I.Eriņa
Reviewer Dr.oec., doc. R.Greitāne
Abstract Subject of diploma work is Possibilities for Marketing Activities Development in the Retail Company. Among the most important tasks of any operating company is determining the marketing-mix as the critical tool of an organisation in achieving the desired customer behaviour towards the goods and services offered. The marketing mix consists of four elements product, price, place and promotion. This works aim is to analyse use of marketing-mix in an online retail company known as and to develop suggestions to raise efficiency of its communication activities. To achieve the set aim, this work addresses the following: 1. exploring scope and nature of communication activities; 2. nominate three most important problems and solve them; 3. new websites creation; 4. develop a safety plan and make efforts to improve it; 5. drawing conclusions and suggest ways to improve efficiency of communication. The work consists of four chapters, conclusions, suggestions and graphical part. The first chapter reviews general description of as an online retail company and evaluates applied marketing mix core elements product, price, place and promotion. The second chapter contains of the three raised problems in the analytical part which are solved and reveals what customers think of marketing activities, and highlights product and price development opportunities, and recommendations for improvement and promoting sales. The third chapter reveals internet store modernization and making new website design for existing website. The forth chapter is employment and labor protection part which consists of making the Occupational Health and Safety action plan for internet store. The total scope of this diploma work is 64 pages, featuring 23 images, 11 charts and graphical part. Total number of pages including graphical part is 85 pages. Bibliographical index lists 14 sources.
Keywords marketing-mix, product, price, place, promotion
Keywords in English mārketinga komplekss, produkts, cena, vieta, virzīšana tirgū
Language lv
Year 2014
Date and time of uploading 05.06.2014 00:59:21