Graduate papers
Description of the graduate paper
Form of studies Master
Title of the study programm Business Finance
Title in original language Maksājumu karšu tirgus attīstība Uzbekistānā
Title in English Payment Cards Market Development in the Republic of Uzbekistan
Department Foreign Students Department
Scientific advisor Jeļena Titko
Reviewer Konstantīns Kozlovskis
Abstract Previous decades have seen a great development due to the rapid development in the world of technology and communication, which in turn led to the emergence of electronic means and their usage in all fields, until it became indispensable means to everyone in society, making many of the contractual procedures done through computerized electronic systems with the global transactions reaching 333 billion in 2012. In addition to being convenient devices for making payments, credit cards are a key source of consumer credit. This feature, within limits, works as a dynamo for economic growth. However, despite the fact that payment cards now are integral part of banking sector, in Uzbekistan the process electronic payment adaptation is still poorly adopted. Thus, the development of internationally accepted payment card industry in Uzbekistan is crucial for countrys development. The goal of the Masters Thesis is to analyze the factors affecting payment card industrys performance and to provide practical suggestions for developing payment card business in Uzbekistan.
Keywords payment cards, banking sector, ROE, ROA, regression, correlation, GDP
Keywords in English payment cards, banking sector, ROE, ROA, regression, correlation, GDP
Language eng
Year 2014
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