Graduate papers
Description of the graduate paper
Form of studies Master
Title of the study programm Entrepreneurship and Management
Title in original language Patērētāju rīcību ietekmēšanas rīki atšķirīgās kultūras vidēs
Title in English Tools for Impact on Consumer Behaviour in Different Cultural Environments
Department Foreign Students Department
Scientific advisor Profesore Elīna Gaile-Sarkane
Reviewer Jekaterina Kuzmina
Abstract Tools to impact on customers behavior: Master Thesis / M.Akhmedov, Elina Gaile-Sarkane, Professor, Doctor of Economy Riga: Riga Technical University, Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management, Institute of Economics of Production and Entrepreneurship, Foreign Students Department, master program Entrepreneurship and Management 2014. The Master Thesis is written in English. It comprises 5 tables, 39 figures, 3 appendices. Bibliography consists of 42 resources. The Master thesis, mainly, consists of three parts: the Analytical part, the Theoretical part and the Practical part. The analytical part describes the analysis of Uzbekistan market, segmentation and targeting, development of marketing strategy. In the Analytical part, the author eximines relevance of the theme, investigate in detail the perspectives of development of tools to impact on customers behavior and marketing strategy for an enterprise, analyse attributes, advantages and disadvantages of those perspectives. The Theoretical part consists of analysis regarding marketing theory and psychological concepts. In current part was provided examination and study of scientific literature on customers and consumers behavior. On the basis of current strategy author of master thesis developed novations of customers classification and defined tools to impact customers behavior within cultural and market environment. The Practical part includes the overview of the company, ALSKOM, analyze competition on mass-media services, its financial statement analysis in order to assess the financial stability of the company. Mainly, the author describes the process of development of tools to impact on customers behavior and marketing strategies oriented on the sales promotion development of quality, promotion of company and reinforcing positions in the market. The Author finds out that the main aim of the Thesis as concentrated on the development of appropriate and actual tools to impact on customers behavior and marketing strategies, taking in account all factors of marketing environment and market situation; implementation of them, by the creation of sales promotion strategies, comfortable conditions as for consumers and customers as for the company and all related publics to the business process.
Keywords Tools to impact on customers" behavior in insurance market
Keywords in English Tools to impact on customers" behavior in insurance market
Language eng
Year 2014
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